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Insurance 2040: Rethinking risk in the age of climate change

Webinar - February 5th

When change happens, it can happen fast. One of the lessons of the Covid-19 crisis is the importance of identifying the risks and opportunities ahead of us. Faced with accelerated climate warming and declining biodiversity, the environment is probably one of the biggest challenges facing society over the next decades. In a live webinar organized by the AXA Foresight Team, a panel of strategic foresight specialists, climate expert and practitioner will discuss the long-term transformations likely to occur, possible pathways to 2040, and the role the insurance industry can play to anticipate and adapt to these changes.

Speaker lineup

  • Andrew MacFarlane, Head of Reinsurance Pricing & Analytics, Global Markets, AXA XL
  • Olivier Desbiey, AXA Group Head of Foresight
  • Greg Lindsay, Futurist and Director of Applied Research, NewCities
  • Professor Deborah Balk, Associate Director of the CUNY Institute of Demographic Research, City University of New York, and AXA Research Fund fellow
  • Moderator: Scott Smith, Writer and Futurist, Changeist