Biodiversity loss: what is at stake?


Nature under threat

Sir Robert Watson, Former Chairman of IPBES

Dr. René Castro, Assistant Director General at the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)

Biodiversity & climate change

Pr. Colin Prentice, Imperial College London (UK)

Dr. Cosima Porteus, University of Exeter (UK)

Dr. Vincent Gauci, Birmingham University (UK)

Dr. Diego Navarrete, The Nature Conservancy (Colombia)

Biodiversity & security

Dr. Jean-Michel Valantin, Researcher and author, The Red Team Analysis Society

Pr. Rod Wing, International Rice Research Institute (Philippines)

Dr. Coline Jaworski, Aix-Marseille University (France)

Dr. Sophia Hansson, University of Toulouse (France)

Pr. Graeme Nicol, Ecole Centrale de Lyon (France)

Biodiversity & the economy

Dr. Kelvin Peh, Southampton University (UK)

Ward Hagemeijer, Head of Business and Ecosystems, Wetlands International

Pr. Franck Courchamp, University of Paris Sud (France)

Dr. Adeline Loyau, EcoLab – University of Toulouse (France)

Pr. Dirk S. Schmeller, Institut National Polytechnique, Toulouse (France)


Research Fund

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