The AXA Research Fund would like to deeply thank the following contributors to this Guide:

Dr. René Castro, Pr. Frank Courchamp, ChipCunliffe, Shade Duffy, Aurélie Fallon Saint-Lo, Julien Foll, Dr. Vincent Gauci, Adias Gerbaud, Ward Hagemeijer, Dr. Sophia Hansson, Dr. Corline Jaworski, Emily Landis, Dr. Adeline Loyau, Dr. Diego Navarrete, Pr. Graeme Nicol, Dr. Kevin Peh, Dr. Cosima Porteus, Pr. Colin Prentice, Suzanne Scatliffe, Pr. Sirk S. Schmeller, Céleine Soubranne, Dr. Jean-Michel Valantin, Sir Robert Watson, Mark Way, Pr. Rod Wing, as well as Matt Christensen, Ulrike Decoene, Nicolas Pfohl for their expert input and advice.

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