A Global Health Crisis

COVID-19 is above all a health crisis – by the end of June, more than half a million people worldwide had lost their lives to the virus. This section looks in detail at the impact of COVID-19 – the strain the virus is putting on our healthcare systems, how it is affecting, in particular, the elderly and those with pre-existing illnesses, the consequences of lockdown measures for our mental health, and how we may be able to use technology to advance new treatments and improve diagnosis.

Psychological effects on physical health

How Covid-19 is changing the industry's outlook

Antimo Perretta

CEO, AXA European Markets

Alexander Vollert

CEO, AXA Germany

Social care and healthcare integration for a relevant response

Tom Kirkwood

Chairman of AXA Research Fund's Scientific Board

Associate Dean for Aging, Newcastle University (UK)

Stratify and shield: A better approach to lockdown

Helen Colhoun

AXA Chair in Medical Informatics and Life Course Epidemiology

University of Edinburgh (UK)

Healthcare complexity

The need for coordination in health delivery

Pedro Saturno

AXA Chair for the Improvement of Healthcare Quality

National Institute of Public Health (Mexico)

Lockdown protocols may reduce our ability to fight off infection – just when we need it most

Sarah Pressman

AXA Award Recipient and Professor of Psychological Science

University of California, Irvine (US)

How machine-learning can speed up diagnosis and treatment

Thomas Lukasiewicz

AXA Chair in Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare

University of Oxford (UK)

Pandemic shows current data laws are simply not fit for purpose

Lawrence Lessig

Member of AXA Research Fund’s Scientific Board

Roy L. Furman Professor of Law and Leadership at Harvard Law School (US)

COVID19 will accelerate the trend toward more online health

Claudio Gienal

CEO, AXA UK & Ireland

Employees will not return to old ways of working

Yi Mien Koh

Managing Director Health & Employee Benefits, AXA Hong Kong


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