An Environmental Wake-up Call

The current crisis reveals the critical connection between the environment, the economy and our own health. This section examines that connection in more detail: how invasive species are putting our health at risk, how we can make our cities healthier and more sustainable, the potential for a green recovery and why the concept of One Health is so important.

Twin crises

Olivier Boucher

Member of AXA Research Fund’s Scientific Board

Senior Research Scientist, National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), France

COVID-19: An invasive species

Dirk Schmeller

AXA Chair in Functional Mountain Ecology

Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse (France)

Franck Courchamp

AXA Chair in Invasion Biology

University of Paris-Sud (France)

Gerry Killeen

AXA Research Chair in Applied Pathogen Ecology

University College Cork (Ireland)

COVID-19 and urbanization

Marta Olazabal

AXA Post-Doctoral Fellow

Basque Center for Climate Change (Spain)


Research Fund

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