The AXA Research Fund

AXA's scientific philanthropy initiative

The AXA Research Fund was launched in 2007 based on the belief that science plays a crucial role in responding to the most important issues facing our planet. Its main philanthropic mission is to support research in key areas related to risk and to help inform public and private decision-making based on excellent science.

To date, the AXA Research Fund has supported 650 scientific projects across the areas of Health, Climate and Environment, and Socioeconomics. In 2017, the AXA Research Fund was renewed for a 5-year mandate and a renewed funding, bringing the Fund’s total commitment to scientific philanthropy to 250M€. This makes the AXA Research Fund a unique initiative in the financial sector, both through its mission and its level of support to science.


research projects supported


million committed


partnerships with prestigious universities around the world

“Our aim is to contribute to better informing decision making in the areas where our societies face challenges today”

Marie Bogataj, Head of the AXA Research Fund and Group Foresight

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Research Fund

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